Episode 6 – Studies in The Atonement (part 1)

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Studies in the Atonement – by Robert A. Morey

Dr. Morey’s ministry is recommended by some of the best-known Christians leaders in this generation: D. James Kennedy, John Ankerberg, Gordon Clark, John Frame, Cornelius Van Til, Walter Martin, Gleason Archer, Stephen Olford, Francis A. Schaeffer and many others. He is the author of over fifty-eight books. “This book is “practical” in the best sense; not a mere simplification, but an attempt to communicate solid content; to warm the heart; and to move the will to obedience as well as to inform the mind. This is done quite skillfully without any reluctance to get into some depth.” Prof. John M. Frame (Reformed Theological Seminary) “Dr. Morey has provided a very useful work dealing with both the accomplishment and the application of the redemptive work of Christ. This is presented in a soundly Reformed perspective and deals in a straightforward manner with all the major issues to be considered. An interesting original approach to the order of salvation is to be noted.” Dr. Roger Nicole (Reformed Theological Seminary) “We recommend this 300+ page book as a fine statement of the doctrine of the Atonement. It is comprehensive, readable, practical and Scriptural. We hope it finds wide acceptance.” Puritan Reformed Book Club Dr. Robert A. Morey Ph.D., D. Min., D.D. Faith Defenders http://www.faithdefenders.com



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